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Our Services

We offer services in various key areas.

Get your car back to showroom condition!

When booking a Full Valet, you can expect : Exterior Handwash and Dry, Engine Top and Bottom Clean and Silicone, Chassis and Wheelarch Clean, Complete and Thorough Interior Clean, Windows, Tyre Shine.

Front to back, top to bottom! This service covers it all.

If it’s only the interior of your vehicle that needs a little extra care, consider an Interior Valet.

Exterior Handwash and Dry, Complete and Thorough Interior Clean, Vacuum Front to Back, Windows.

Cleaning of Engine Top and Bottom 

Keeping the under-body of your car clean and free from contaminants and abrasive debris is one more way to keep it running well and prolong its life.

We offer services to clean your engine top, bottom and the chassis.




Smash and Grab:

Protective safety film is pasted on vehicle windows to help prevent smash and grab incidents. The protective film is usually tinted so that no one can see into the car, while also preventing the windows from shattering.

Protects Occupants – In an accident situation, smash and grab film holds broken glass in one place and shields occupants from dangerous flying glass shards and intruding debris.

Protect Your Valuables – Anti-smash and grab tinting is the best defense against a “smash and grab” attack.

Crystal Fusion’s proprietary 2 step application chemically reacts to silicon dioxide, the main substrate in glass production, which then forms a covalent bond with the surface. This durable bond changes the properties of the glass surface creating an ultra-hydrophobic barrier, increasing the strength and clarity and decreasing the ability of moisture or soil adhering to it.

Also known as architectural or building film, this service is an application of film on windows of houses, buildings, offices, etc.

The film serves as a  protective layer against harmful UV rays, reducing damage to interior furniture and can help to cool down those uncomfortable, warm spaces in your home or office.

Whether your priority is UV-protection, privacy or simply décor, we have a variety of options available for you to choose from.

We also offer a sample application with our initial quote.



Industrial fallout commonly comes from railway lines and metal production/fabrication processes found in industrial areas and the contamination occurs when a car is parked in these areas. It is a fairly common problem but many people either don’t notice it until damage has been done, or if they do notice it they don’t know what it is or how to deal with it.

The first thing we do is to clay the car. If the fallout is not too severe and has not been sitting on the surface for long, claying may well be able to safely and effectively lift off the metal contaminants. If the contamination is quite severe and has begun to oxidize then the chances are that claying will not remove it. The next step will then be to use a designated fallout remover product. These are acid based and actively dissolve the metal particles without inflicting any damage onto the paintwork. After using a fallout remover the car will be thoroughly washed, rinsed and dried to remove any product residue.  

After a while, headlights become foggy and the polycarbonate lens surface becomes marred, blocking the light which can restrict your vision at night.

Instead of buying new headlights, consider visiting us for a headlight restoration and we’ll have them looking brand new!

Have a look at some before and after pictures below.

Machine Polish

Polish is a broad term for a range of processes designed to either remove or mask sub-surface paint defects and greatly enhance surface gloss in readiness for sealant or wax protection.


Paint Protection Film (PPF) is one of the best ways to preserve the showroom-finish on your vehicle. The virtually invisible film provides quality protection without changing the design features or color by protecting vulnerable areas.

Various options are available depending on your budget and needs.

Combo Kit includes PPF application on the

  • Headlights
  • Insteps on all doors
  • Boot strip

Quarter Front includes PPF application on the

  • Quarter bonnet
  • Full front bumper
  • Full front fenders
  • Headlights

Full Front includes PPF application on the

  • Full bonnet
  • Full front bumper
  • Full front fenders
  • Headlights

Full Wrap includes PPF application on the

  • The entire vehicle including the roof, front bumper, bonnett, fenders, side mirrors, door cups, door edges, rocker panels, rear bumper ledge, and rear fender panels.

Preserving the finish of your vehicle with Paint Protection Film (PPF) keeps your vehicle looking newer for longer, and can enhance the resale value of your vehicle in the future. The film can be removed when you resell your vehicle, revealing paintwork that looks as good as new!

The film is self-healing and hydrophobic, meaning it is an effective barrier against minor scratch marks and stone chips as well as bug stains, bird droppings, industrial fallout, and degradation caused by various environmental factors.

Our application is accompanied by a 10 Year Warranty.

An ozone generator will pump O3 into the car where it can saturate the fabric and other interior components and kill the bacteria creating the odor. Doing the shock treatment can get rid of human/pet odors, cigarette smoke, and even mildew smell from water damage.

Hand Wash, Full interior & exterior and wheels hand dry and vacuum front to back.

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